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Minnesota Workshop in Macroeconomic Theory


Organizers: Narayana Kocherlakota, Jaume Ventura

Tuesday, August 1

Robustness and Pricing when Growth is Hidden

Tax Policy with Quasi-Geometric Discounting

The Social Discount Rate

Wednesday, August 2

Trade in Capital Goods

A Game-Theoretic View of the Fiscal Theory of the Price Level

Matching and Money

Thursday, August 3

Deunionization, Technical Change and Inequality

The Survival of the Welfare State

Advertising, Mass Consumption, and Capitalism: Some Unpleasant Modernist Arithmetics

Friday, August 4

Limited Enforceability, Heterogeneity and the Macroeconomy

Industrial Revolutions and Demographic Transitions

A (S,s) Model of Commodity Price Speculation

Saturday, August 5

Technology and the Stock Market: 1885-1998

An Uncertainty Driven Theory of the Productivity Slowdown: Manufacturing

The World Technology Frontier