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Minnesota Workshop in Macroeconomic Theory


Organizers: Andy Atkeson, Ivan Werning

Tuesday, August 1

Household Heterogeneity and Real Exchange Rates

Adjusting to Capital Account Liberalization

Cross Section of Risk Premia

Wednesday, August 2

The Economics of Social Networks

Learning from Private and Public Observations of Others Actions

The Rise of the Service Economy

Thursday, August 3

The Distribution of Wealth and Redistributive Policies

Sources of Lifetime Inequality

Understanding Wage Inequality: Ben-Porath Meets Skill-Biased Technical Change

Friday, August 4

On the Return to Venture Capital

Selection, Growth and the Size Distribution of Firms

Why Has CEO Pay Increased So Much?

Saturday, August 5

Do Taxes Explain European Employment? Indivisible Labor, Human Capital, Lotteries, and Savings


Work-Consumption Preferences and Employment Volatility