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Journal Storage (JSTOR)

This site can be used to search for papers from the scholarly journal archive.

Data Sources (need student id)

Business Source Premier
varies by title

Business Source Premier database includes both scholarly journals and periodicals for practitioners.

January 1969 - present, updated quarterly.

Contains bibliographic citations and selected abstracts to the professional and scholarly literature in the field of economics and allied disciplines, including journals, books, chapters in books, conference proceedings and dissertations.

PAIS International Coverage
dates 1972 - present (abstracts from 1985 - present)

Use this index for broad coverage of social science issues worldwide.
Location: Wilson Reference Quarto H1.A3 P82x
Check MNCAT Record for Location and Availability

LexisNexis Academic
varies by title

LexisNexis Academic is a collection of online databases: News, Business (plus corporate news and corporate financials), Legal, Medical, and Reference.

1990 - present

PolicyFile draws its content from public policy think tanks, university research programs, research organizations and publishers.

Research Archives of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Research Resources for Economics on the Internet

For ample data sources and electronic journals visit

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Search MNCAT, the libraries' catalog, to find books, journals, etc.

Primary Source Materials

Conference Board Business Knowledge Research Collection

The Conference Board Business Knowledge Research Collection is a searchable database of full-text research reports on the latest issues in business management and US and global economics.

Sources of Economic Data

Penn World Table

The Penn World Table provides purchasing power parity and national income accounts converted to international prices for 188 countries for some or all of the years 1950-2004. The European Union or the OECD provide more detailed purchasing power and real product estimates for their countries and the World Bank makes current price estimates for most PWT countries at the GDP level.


Links to statistical sources at federal government agencies maintained by The Federal Interagency Council on Statistical Policy.

Statistical Resources on the Web

A comprehensive and extensive set of links to economic, political and social statistics. This list is maintained by the Documents Center of the University of Michigan Library.

Social Science Data on the Internet

An excellent listing of social science data on the internet organized and maintained by the University of California, San Diego.

Geospatial and Statistical Data Center

Extensive data collections maintained by the University of Virginia.

Bloomberg Business and Financial News

Global Economy

Economics Blog

Bureau of Economic Analysis

The Homepage for the BEA, a division of the Department of Commerce, is a good starting point for lots of macro level data about the performance of the economy.

Bureau of the Census

The homepage for the Bureau of the Census is a good starting point for a wealth of data.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

The homepage for the Bureau of Labor Statistics. At this site you can access a large number of data series including the latest press releases and historical data for prices, productivity and employment, unemployment.

  • BLS News Releases
    A starting point for monthly statistical releases from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • BLS Data
    This site gives you access to the most requested data series from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • BLS Data
    This one takes a bit of work but gives you access to all BLS data.

Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Board of Governors

Data on interest rates, exchange rates and other financial data

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis - FRED

FRED (or Federal Reserve Economic Data) is maintained by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis It is a large and comprehensive database covering more than financial data

Homepages for Offices and
Agencies of the United States Government

Fed World

A listing of Web sites maintained by the agencies of the federal government

The White House

The Council of Economic Advisers

The Office of Management and Budget

National Economic Council

Cabinet Agencies



Bureau of Economic Analysis

Bureau of the Census



Health and Human Services

Housing and Urban Development





Bureau of Labor Statistics




Bureau of Public Debt

Internal Revenue Service

Veterans Affairs

Other Government Agencies


CIA World Factbook


House of Representatives


Economic Research, Policy and Advocacy Organizations

National Bureau of Economic Research

The NBER is an association of academic economists who do research on a wide range of public policy issues.

American Enterprise Institute

AEI "aims to preserve and to strengthen the foundations of a free society-limited government, competitive private enterprise, vital cultural and political institutions, and vigilant defense."

Brookings Institution

Brookings prides itself on being America's oldest think tank. Theresearch fellows study issues of public policy -- especially ones that deal with current issues of public policy.

Cato Institute

The Cato Institute advocates a libertarian approach to many issues. Its motto reads "Promoting public policy based on limited government, free markets, individualliberty, and peace."

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

CBPP "conducts research and analysis on a range of government policies and programs, with an emphasis on those affecting low- and middle-income people."

Economic Policy Institute

EPI describes itself as seeking "to broaden the public debate about strategies to achieve a prosperous and fair economy."

Citizens for Tax Justice

CTJ describes itself as fighting against "the armies of special interest lobbyists for corporations and the wealthy" to give "ordinary people a greater voice in the development of tax laws."

Partnership for Economic Policy

Links to a number of advocacy groups.

Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation advocates "ideas of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditonal American values, and a strong national defense."

Institute for International Economics

The Institute describes itself as "a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research institution devoted to the study of international economic policy."

Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies

The Joint Center describes itself as "an international nonprofit institution that conducts research on pubic policy issues of special concern to black Americans and other minorities."

The Levy Institute

The Levy Institute "strives to carry on [Jerome Levy's] spirit of independent thinking, his concern for economic efficiency and justice, and his belief in the potential of economics to make a positive contribution to society and to improve the human condition." Their Public Policy Briefs are available on-line and cover a wide range of economic issues.

Milken Institute

Economic think tank focusing on the global economy, capital markets, human capital, and regional economics and demographics.

Resources for the Future

RFF, engages in research and public education on natural resource and environmental issues.

Tax Policy Center

The Urban Institute-Brookings Tax Policy Center describes itself as helping "to fill the growing need to clarify and analyze the nation's tax policy choices. It provides timely, accessible analysis and facts about tax policy to policymakers, journalists, interested citizens, and researchers."

Urban Institute

The Urban Institute describes itself as "a nonprofit nonpartisan policy research and educational organization established to examine the social, economic, and governance problems facing the nation."

Undergraduate AEA Resources

Economics of the Internet and Other Internet Resources

The Information Economy

Lots of information about the economics of the internet, information goods, intellectual property and related issues collected by economist Hal Varian.

Web Ec

An extensive listing of Web sites in many countries that are of special interest to economists maintained by Lauri Saarinen in Finland.